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Miyakobijin Shuzo Yoigokochi Yuzu Sake, Japan

Miyakobijin Shuzo Yoigokochi Yuzu Sake, Japan

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We are SO excited for you all to try this!! It's like adult lemonade mixed with sake and joy and Springtime. Sip it on the rocks, with seltzer, create incredible new cocktails or just swoon over the pretty bottle. Either way, you're gonna love it (and it's only 7% ABV).

This is a yuzu-sake designed by Yoigokochi Pure Sake, bringing you the ultimate balance between sweetness and acidity. They use the maximum amount of the juice of this Japanese citrus fruit--creating an enchanting aroma and an intensely refreshing drink. A Yamahai Junmai sake with whole Yuzu fruit juice added, it opens with heady aromatics and a dense palate of tart and sweet from the yuzu fruit, finishing with a hint of grainy rusticity from the Yamahai brewing method. 

As a Junmai sake, or pure rice sake, only rice, Yuzu, and a little sugar are used. Yamahai refers to an older-fashioned, slow brewing method where lactic acid is allowed to form naturally, as opposed to added in, in the meantime causing the sake to form layers of complex, earthy flavors and a light astringency.
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